Hi, we are FineHeart

We are a partner to campanies
which looking for creative,
and effective promotion. Let's tell a better story!

What we do

We offer creation and prepress promotion materials, which reflect the nature of a company. We do always projects as well as assumptions complex. We design all kinds of printing products.

We offer:

We design a variety of advertising materials. We design all kinds of printing products in the field:

    Among others advertising of outdoor, print ads, posters, flyers, catalogs and folders bids
    Among others product brochures, roll-ups, exhibition systems
    Packaging design, label, blanking dies

The Internet is now the most popular and the cheapest and most effective advertising medium. Offering customers the promotion we explore all corners of the virtual space. We conduct analysis, defining target groups, precisely we define the goals and the optimal form of communication. We are not afraid to experiment with form, always focus on proven and stabline technology. Our offer of advertising on the Internet include:

selected works

all identity campaigns atl btl packaging web photography others

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