Visual identity creates a link between the offered product or service from a particular company. It is important not only what a company can offer customers, but above all, the way it does. The overall visual identity (Corporate Identity) is a tool for building brand image in the market. As in collection of elements enabling the identification of the company’s market and its distinction from the competition. Coherent visual system is a fundamental element of the comprehensive identification of the company.


A well-designed logo makes the company inspires confidence and attracts the attention of customers. Each realization our carefully preceded by an analysis of the market and competition, so we can create a product characteristic and communicating a brand.


The Book Mark is an internal company document that standardizes the use of the logo, the colors and shows all variants of its use and variety. There is also a list of rules and guidelines that you can not violate. The primary function of the book mark is to identify the whole, coherent image of the company, which once associated with it is to the companion for many years. Contained in the book Corporate Identity guidelines should include a set of materials and media in meaningful activities of the company. In event of large systems is divided into chapters grouping various media in terms of their function and purpose.


We design and implement all the elements of the graphical representation of the brand:
  • PRINTS COMPANY – folders, letterheads, envelopes, business cards, etc.
  • COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS – prints of a utility (such as price lists, brochures, catalogs, calendars, certificates, labels)
  • MARKING corporate transport, buildings, clothing

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