The cornerstone of internet marketing is website. The next stage – positioning and publicity in the search engines. At a time when the company already has an established position in the network (a good position in search engines and friendly website) stage begins in-depth promotion on the Internet or range campaigns and Public Relations activities.

Factors determining the selection of suitable promotional tools are:

  • The intended target.
  • Type of product / services to be promoted.
  • The target group to which they are to reach the action.
  • The budget for achieving the objective.


The development of thought-action strategy for the advertising campaign on the Internet is the key to its effectiveness. During this process, you should pay special attention to the essence of interactive media, which primarily should engage users through an attractive message. Very good knowledge of the media and a good choice of channels to reach potential customers are the basis for the success of any campaign. Collaborate with a team of our advertising agency is characterized by reliability, readiness to provide comprehensive support and the ability to identify the strengths and weaknesses of medium which completely serve customers in managing their image on the Web. We create strategies for the presence and activities, we plan budgets, make media buying, prepare creations and manage advertising campaigns. We provide professional service campaign display, ERP type activity, the campaign in social media and inbound marketing, ie. The presence of social media, blogs and search engines. We conduct operations ranging from brief through the strategy, the objectives of the analysis of actions marketing offer includes:

  • DEVELOPMENT OF INTERNET MARKETING PLAN, involving the design of a promotional campaign on the Internet by selecting a set of potentially the most effective methods of e-marketing.
  • CAMPAIGNING SEARCH ADVERTISING (SEM), allowing to satisfy the existing demand, allowing you to quickly reach potential customers to offer and positioning of websites in natural search results (Google AdWords).
  • COMMUNITY BUILDING SITES around the site or product using social media and blogs allow users to actively express their views and opinions.
  • BANNER CAMPAIGNS – contextual advertising, advertising on other websites used to build of brand image and stimulate demand for the offered services / products.
  • LOYALTY PROGRAMS, for building and maintaining relationships with selected customers of the company.
  • AUDIT AND OPTIMIZE WEB for users (webusability) and search engines (SEO), raising the value of pages in Google.