Good packaging design requires the use of knowledge from many disciplines and precise work on every detail. It also art compromises and decisions regarding the priorities of communication – in the design process should take into account a number of manufacturing rules, commercial standards and principles of practical logistics. When designing the packaging we use for inspiration developed during the creation of brand strategy, which defines the graphical representation of the emotional aspects of the brand. Packaging design is the visualization of the brand world and its “Big Idea”, which should be noticeable on the shelf and stored by the customer. Packaging must arouse emotions, invoke good associations that consequently encourage the purchase. It should be the only reason for which the customer reaches the product.

We offer:

  • DESIGNS NON STANDARD eg. strips, foils, casings


How we make packaging design?

  • Each packaging design is a new challenge for us. We try to make the packaging modern and original, as well as fulfilling the requirements of a specific industry.
  • When designing the packaging we remember this, that his appearance was adapted to the industry, audience and assumptions marketing – package must express ideas marketing of the product.
  • Interesting form is another way to package stood out among the others. If we can afford it – avoid the use of standard punches.
  • The strength of the package is that it can even give a product prestige – it is important to finish. For the final effect is significant choice of materials and methods Finishes printing (eg. stamping, foil stamping, UV varnish, etc.).

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